How I stopped worrying and learned to love contingency (J.D. Phillips, 2017)

Here it is! In one place! The collected unpublished musings of Professor Jonathan Phillips on all things geomorphic from May 2014 to August 2017, entitled The Perfect Planet. This document presents a collection of Professor Phillips blog posts, organized by theme.

In addition to reading through this collection of posts, people interested in disruptive ideas about geomorphology will also want to keep and eye on JDPs blog. We are working on getting JDP to post something here on, too.

Professor Phillips from the Department of Geography at the University of Kentucky has been thinking long and hard about the place of equilibrium in geomorphology, as well as the importance of contingency. Several of his papers have been particularly important to me as I have developed my ideas about geomorphic systems and how to think about them.

With our current project of re-imagining the paradigm for studying geomorphology in mind, I was particularly taken with JDP’s most recent posts entitled HOW I STOPPED WORRYING AND LEARNED TO LOVE CONTINGENCY (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4,  and part 5). They are well worth the time to read.

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